Work visas and permits – Managing the essentials

One of the most common problems in IT work is managing issues with visas and work permitsF. These problems can be a very serious, time-consuming and expensive obstacle to employment, for both employers and employees.

Visas, an overview of the absolute basics

Depending on the country in which you want to work, visas can be quite problematic. Many countries and regions, notably the US and European Union, require a lot of information and sometimes lengthy bureaucratic processes in order to get a visa.

Please be aware that this is very much a compliance problem. Visas will not be issued unless applicants meet specific criteria.

For example, types of work visas may include:

  • Permanent visas
  • Specialist visas
  • Trainee visas
  • Special visas
  • Temporary work visas
  • Sponsored visas

The realities of getting a visa and work permit

Depending on the type of work you do, and national or other regulations regarding employment, you could be facing an obstacle course. For example – many countries have legislation that requires that employers hire locally, rather than from overseas. They are permitted to hire overseas if people with the requisite skills cannot be hired internally.

The application process can be lengthy, and expensive. If there are problems with documentation and/or compliance issues, the application may not proceed, or be rejected.

Work permits

In most countries, you will require both a work permit and a visa for employment purposes. Work permits are usually related to skilled workers, professionals, specific types of employment, and similar qualifying characteristics.

Issues regarding work permits may include:

  • Type of work
  • Trainee status if applicable
  • Length of time of employment
  • Any compliance requirements related to employment
  • Residential status requirements

Work permits are issued after a compliance check, usually by a government department.

Getting professional help with your visa and work permits

it is very strongly recommended to seek professional support to manage the application process. This is due to the often unpredictable nature of entry requirements and many differences between countries regarding their regulations.

Baseline information requirements for visas and work permits typically includes:

  • Personal identification documentation
  • Information regarding qualifications (may include specialist qualifications)
  • Entry compliance information
  • Documentation from the employer regarding your employment
  • Sponsor information in accordance with entry requirements
  • Additional supplemental information may be required.

Critical points to note:

Many applicants are unsuccessful. This is often simply because the applicants don’t correctly understand the visa and work permit requirements.

Managing required documentation can be extremely difficult. It is advisable to have your documents professionally checked prior to sending them to the issuing authority.

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