SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of getting organic traffic and ranking the website on a SERP(search engine results page) in the top position. SEO is a long-term process. It takes months to rank a single website on a search engine because SEO is an experimental process.

1). Competitor analysis – when we start the process of SEO(search engine optimization)First of all we should know about the strength of our competitor because only then we will be able to make further strategies for SEO. So competitor analysis is necessary because when our work is done with a needle, why do we use a sword for it? 

2). Keyword analysis – keyword analysis is playing the main role in the SEO process Because the work of search engines is when someone queries about any topic, then show them the best results and the result of the query will come when someone will enter the keyword of that query. So That’s why it is very important to do keyword analysis with the right type.

3). Content writing. -If you want people to come to your website and spend more time, then you have to give them the right information because nowadays people do keyword stuffing in our content so their page authority becomes a bit more. But they do not stop people on the website for a long time. So always remember one thing when you make content: keep them in simple language because you made content for people, not only for google crawler. 

4). Technical SEO- Technical SEO is a one-time process, it is not done again and again like other SEO processes, in this process, we are generating  sitemap, and applying robots.txt and schema markup on the website. It is important because all technical work is done under this process. This technical process gives access to google for indexing and crawling easily.

5). Off page SEO Off page SEO is very important for the website because it plays a very important role to make the website top ranker in search engine. Because Google checks whether this website is linked to other websites or not, so we have to add the link of our website to another website.  This process is also called link submission or link building.If it is said in simple words, then off-page SEO is the process that we have to do on other’s websites.

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