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Electrolysis Course | Gulf Coast Academy

On our 320 hours Electrolysis course, you will learn how to effectively deliver permanent hair removal treatments to clients, using a variety of methods. read more
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ANTARA Organics

The ANTARA Organics Collection was born out of a desire to provide a deeper sense of healing in our constantly connected world. Tapping into the transformative benefits of CBD, ANTARA was created to provide a profound and radical way to address today’s biggest epidemic: stress. Impressed with the research and anecdotal evidence of CBD’s impact on health and wellness, founder Cord Coen wanted to create a line of products that would put the power of healing into the hands of those who need it. However, it wasn’t enough to incorporate CBD into the line. Instead, we embarked on a mission to find the purest and most potent CBD available. With a commitment to quality, ANTARA offers luxury healing and trustworthy formulations that address both mind and body. Visit ANTARA Organics today! read more
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Red and Blue Light Therapy Benefits | Naples, FL Skin Solutions

RED LIGHT THERAPY How does Red Light Therapy work? Red light is thought to work by producing a biochemical effect in cells that strengthen the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell — it’s where the cell’s energy is created. The energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). By increasing the function of the mitochondria using RLT, a cell can make more ATP. With more energy, cells can function more efficiently, rejuvenate themselves, and repair damage. RLT is different from laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) therapies because it doesn’t cause damage to the skin surface. Laser and pulsed light therapies work by causing controlled damage to the outer layer of the skin, which then induces tissue repair. RLT bypasses this harsh step by directly stimulating the regeneration of the skin. Red Light Therapy Benefits: -Promotes wound healing source and tissue repair -Improves hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia -Help for the short-term treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome -Stimulates healing of slow-healing wounds, like diabetic foot ulcers -Reduces psoriasis lesions -Aids with short-term relief of pain and morning stiffness in people with rheumatoid arthritis -Reduces some of the side […] read more
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Fort Myers, FL Eclipse Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) | Naples

Microneedling with PRP medical treatments are extremely popular due to the use of Platelet Rich Plasma. With little discomfort and downtime, patients can reduce skin issues like acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles. Many patients also use PRP Micro-needling treatments as a preventative procedure in their anti-aging therapy regimen. The Science Behind PRP PRP is naturally created from our blood. To create the optimal amount of natural growth factors, A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient and placed in a sterile tube that is spun down in a centrifuge to separate the different components of the blood. This plasma (clear fluid) now contains a higher than normal number of platelets and is called platelet rich plasma, or PRP. This promotes skin repair, collagen stimulation and skin rejuvenation. We utilize our medical micro needling procedure to infuse the powerful growth factors into the skin. This stimulates a process of collagen production through the skin’s healing mechanism resulting in the reduction of fine lines to reveal a new luminous glow with tighter, more evenly balanced skin. PRP is non invasive, minimal pain and downtime. The production of collagen and elastin can continue up to 6 months leading to newer, healthier skin. […] read more
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Fort Myers, FL Fibroblast Skin Tightening Treatment | Naples

The Fibroblast Plasma Pen is the world’s most advanced, non-invasive, skin lifting, skin tightening, and rejuvenation device used to treat wrinkles, and sagging, dull skin, and more! The Plasma Pen is an FDA approved, CE approved device used to perform fibroblast therapy, a technique used to stimulate production of collagen in the skin. The Plasma Pen uses a small electric arch, which is transmitted through a small probe. The probe itself does not go into the skin or even touch your skin. This arc causes superficial damage to the upper dermal layer of the skin and transmits heat to the lower levels of the skin. This process causes new skin to generate collagen and elastin fibers! This process does not only improve skin tone and texture, but it can also reduce scarring, improve several common skin problems, and increase skin contour. Fibroblasting produces excellent results for any area of the body, particularly the face and neck regions.   >Acne Scars – improvement in the appearance of post-acne marks and scars. >Crow’s Feet >Forehead Lines >Jowl / Jawline and Neck Tightening >Marionette Lines – creases or folds that run vertically from the corners of the mouth, down to the chin. >Necklines or Turkey Neck >Smoker’s Lines – vertical wrinkles also […] read more
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Fort Myers, FL RF Microneedling | Naples Aesthetic & Laser Center

RF Microneedling Progressive Dermal Remodeling with Defined Results Secret™ PRO takes on a non-conventional approach to skin revitalization by uniquely combining two clinically proven technologies in a single device. Utilizing radio frequency microneedling for deep dermal remodeling effectively treats the full thickness of the skin from epidermis to the deeper dermal layers independently or together. Secret PRO’s customizable procedures offer breakthrough treatment options based on your patient’s needs, skin type, and downtime tolerance while maximizing your ROI.   Body   Face   RF Microneedling Handpiece Secret PRO’s RF microneedling 25-pin handpiece is ideal for treatments on the face or smaller, more delicate areas and can be used with non-insulated and semi-insulated needle tips for full treatment customization. Secret PRO’s RF microneedling 64-pin handpiece covers the largest treatment area on the market for fast, efficient treatments. Ideal for treatments on the face, neck, chest, and body, the 64-pin handpiece features semi-insulated needles for precise placement of energy.   Call Natalie’s Skin Solutions at 239.936.SKIN(7546) today! read more
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Eyelash Extension | Gulf Coast Academy

Jumpstart your lash knowledge with this in-depth course that teaches you all you need to know to apply fabulous lashes. read more
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Best Garbh Sanskar App – Krishna Coming

If you’re pregnant, you need to read this! Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar app is the world’s first and one-of-a-kind pregnancy companion mobile application. It has been created after years of research by some of India’s top gynecologists, IITians, Scientists, Vedmurtis and Garbh Sanskar Acharyas.  They have all gathered together in order to make pregnancy a positive, spiritual, healthy, and stress-free experience while also shaping the ‘Mann’ (soul), intellect and sanskars of the child inside the womb. Garbh Sanskar is a combination of two words: Garbh and Sanskar. Garbh means womb and sanskar means having a perspective or vision on life. In life, we’re often faced with two choices: What we want to do vs. What is the right (moral) thing to do – This is called Dharma. read more
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Veuch: une solution naturelle et efficace contre la perte de cheveux chez l’homme

Veuch: une solution naturelle et efficace contre la perte de cheveux chez l’homme     Veuch est une jeune entreprise française spécialisée dans la biotechnologie capillaire, créée en Novembre 2020, afin de répondre aux besoins des hommes qui perdent leurs cheveux.. Bien qu’étant régulièrement un sujet  tabou, la chute de cheveux touche en effet 2 hommes sur 3 âgés de plus de 35 ans. La proposition de Veuch: Offrir un accompagnement complet associé  à des produits naturels, testés cliniquement et sans effets secondaires afin de prévenir la chute de cheveux, et de stimuler efficacement la repousse. Un diagnostic et des recommandations adaptées à vos besoins: Conscients de la difficulté de parler de sa chute de cheveux ou encore de la démarche d’aller consulter un spécialiste, les créateurs de Veuch, en partenariat avec des dermatologues spécialisés, ont conçu le Hairscan. Ce questionnaire vous permettra  d’obtenir un premier diagnostic capillaire et d’identifier les soins dont vous avez besoin en fonction des caractéristiques de vos cheveux. Une fois le Hairscan complété, vous recevrez une recommandation sur-mesure de soins Veuch, déterminée selon vos besoins particuliers. La chute de cheveux peut en effet avoir des causes très différentes chez chacun: Veuch a donc mis un […] read more
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Quality Caterers In London by Delivision

Delivision Catering is a premier catering service provider that specializes in providing exceptional dining experiences for all types of events. Our talented and experienced chef and her team of event planners work closely with you to create a bespoke menu to suit your specific needs and preferences. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients to create delicious, healthy meals that are visually appealing and taste great. His commitment to quality, attention to detail and excellent customer service has earned him a reputation as one of the industry’s leading Quality caterers. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding or private girlfriend party, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.  read more
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