Although mowing your lawn is a simple task, some simple tricks can make a noticeable difference in your grass’s overall look and health. Taking care of your property is essential for your home’s curb appeal, and certain techniques can be followed to improve your lawn maintenance. Below are some tips for mowing your lawn.  Ensure Your Blade Is Sharp  Using a dull blade can damage the grass, similar to using blunt scissors on paper; dullness can rip instead of cut. If you are mowing your lawn with a dull blade, you can tear or rip the blades of the grass. In turn, your yard will turn yellow and become stressed, which can lead to lawn disease. Instead of killing an entire section of your lawn, remember to sharpen your blades every 8-10 times you cut the lawn.  Timing Matters You are probably used to mowing your lawn whenever you have the time, which can affect your lawn’s health. Try changing your mowing schedule to earlier in the day, around mid to late morning. At this time of the day, temperatures are cooler, and no morning dew is left when you start to cut.  Mow To The Right Height One of […] read more