What is the difference between a Blog and a Business Page? A blog is a piece of text that you write on the internet, usually in your own language. A business page is a visual representation of your business on the web, where people are likely to see it. A blog can be used as a way to organize your content and promote your products or services. A business page can be used as a landing page for your site. Top Digital Marketing Company in India implement good content for websites and seo that is beneficial for ranking and reaching traffic. Blogs are Great for SEO. But if you’re Struggling to Rank for your Keyword, why would you want one? Well, it’s not just your SEO that’s struggling. The search volume of your keyword is also slowing down. As your traffic increases, you’re going to need more space to display your products or services. Use a Business Page? A business website can be divided into various sections. These can include the product pages, the services pages, and the social media pages. While on the surface a blog may seem like a good fit for SEO, it’s actually a bad choice. […] read more