JavaScript JavaScript is a programming language designed using Java. Web developers across the world use this scripting language to design dynamic and interactive webpage design. But JavaScript is not limited to web applications’ front-end development. It is used in designing interactive front-end layout of desktop softwares and mobile applications.  JavaScript is also known as a client-side programming language, as it executes at client-end rather than server-side. Full stack JavaScript development Full stack development is the complete process of application development which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, browser compatibility and integration and deployment. An individual does these all processes known as full stack developer or full-stack JavaScript developers.  Since a full stack developer is experienced in managing all the design and development process, hence there is a need to hire JavaScript developersexpert in full stack development is rapidly growing. Features of full stack JavaScript development are as mentioned here:- Expertise in front-end and back-end development HTML, CSS JavaScript and knowledge of other frameworks Hands-on experience of Database Management system Version Control Working experience of hosting and data migration Hands-on experience of debugging, testing, and integration Benefits of app development using full stack JavaScript app development Enhanced development proficiency Full stack development is […] read more