The Hindu University of America offers classes in Hindu-based philosophical systems that emphasize critical thinking, morality, and introspection. It trains students for service, leadership and engagement in the world by promoting Hindu culture and traditions in an academically independent environment. Hindu University of America offers many courses such as Vedic courses, Sanskrit language courses, Vedic studies courses, Hindu Veda.   To the modern mind, Hindu rituals often appear to be merely a repetitive and meaningless activity. And indeed they can be carried out in a way that highlights their fundamental pointlessness. But they have the power to prepare a restless mind for inwardness as well as appropriate engagement with the world. Ritual is the laboratory where the mind is purified, settled and prepared for higher knowledge i.e. Para Vidya. In this course, participants will learn to perform simple rituals with the right understanding and attitude and integrate their value into their daily lives. Hindu university of America CONTACT – 407-205-2118 EMAIL- [email protected]                                                                                                            Quora: Reddit:    FB: Twitter: External link- read more