The active ingredient sildenafil is used to treat erectile dysfunction and reduce erectile dysfunction. Put simply, the mechanism of action works as follows: After the man has been aroused by bowl stimuli, nerve cells in the penis form nitric oxide (NO). The nitric oxide relaxes the vessel walls in the penis. Blood flows into lair penis and leads to stiffening of the tissue – the member becomes hard. The body’s own enzyme phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5) breaks down the erection-producing chemical and thus also the erection. If you look at the chain of effects, this is where Sildenafil comes in. It inhibits the effects of PDE-5 and leads to a sustained and improved ability to have an erection. If you buy and take Kamagra effervescent tablets, it does not automatically lead to sexual arousal. The drug cap has no lust-enhancing effects. If you want a lust-enhancing effect, passes on is not the right drug for you. As with any other medication, when you buy and take Kamagra effervescent tablets, you also have to expect possible side effects. Please note that every person reacts slightly differently to medication. Furthermore, the dosage form of a drug can influence the side effects of the […] read more