Life is full of surprises, and after retirement, your life doesn’t stop. Every year a person’s life brings various new developments, and the change is evident. As older adults enter the phase of retirement and nursing homes in Santa Clarita or senior care facilities, they are going to face new challenges, new routines, as well as mental and physical change. This can be a big turning point in anyone’s life which can sometimes become hard to accept with open arms.  Adapting to this new phase of life for you can be a daunting task. However, there are various resources that you can adopt to get used to the new environment easily. And that resource is music. There is no greater power than music which can be a helping hand in the lives of older adults.  Music is known to bring back solid memories and emotions, plus it is a great way to express your feelings freely. This is the reason that music therapy for older adults is getting popular because it promotes relaxation as well as healing. Plus, older adults or seniors find music to be very beneficial in many ways and allows them to channel their inner creativity plus the opportunity […] read more