Gold is a precious metal that derives its value from its rarity and quality. There are a variety of types of gold, including white gold. White gold is gold that has been polished to a high sheen. It is sometimes called “sterling” gold because it is similar in weight and color to sterling silver, which is made from silver that has been alloyed with other metals. What is white gold? The metal is abundant enough that coins can be created from it, but it also has many other uses such as being used in medical devices.  The two most common types of gold are 24 karat and 18 karat. The higher the number, the more purity the gold has. White gold is made up of 10% silver and 90% gold, which gives it a bright white color. It is often used in luxury products because people believe it to be more valuable than other metals. Gold Price in Bangalore. I am offering to sell gold in Bangalore at a reasonable price. Also I can arrange packing materials if required. Types of White Gold When it comes to buying and selling white gold, there are a few different types that you […] read more