The sanitary bin is now a common item that sits guard in the corner of the toilet cubicle; But not always was this the case. In fact, brown garbage bags with simple flip-top bins for disposal are still commonplace in smaller, more traditional buildings. Drain blockages pose a threat as a result of this. If the user attempts to flush the discarded item out of embarrassment, or if the daily cleaner is given the responsibility of emptying the bin and putting the contents in the general office waste. A lot of cleaners today don’t like this kind of service, so it shouldn’t be included in a contract for office cleaning. Systems that make use of stand-alone bins and a disposable cartridge bridge the gap between this in-house, do-it-yourself method of disposal and the full range of professional services for disposing of feminine hygiene products. They contain deodorizing crystals to eliminate odors, and just like a standard professional disposal bin, the flip-top design conceals the contents of the internal disposable cartridge from users. Even though the internal cartridges can still be sealed, disposal is still done by in-house staff with the rest of the office waste. The biodegradability of these Washroom […] read more